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In 1-hour, you will become the Strong Man to your content creation!

  • Create content based on your “super-power”
  • 30+ personality-packed prompts
  • BONUS: Must-have updates for Google

No clowning around ~ you will have 30 days of content!

April 27 @ 12:00 PM
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Feel like you’re walking a tight rope creating content for your business?

In less time than it takes to eat lunch…



Stop staring at a blank screen trying to dream up content. 

  • Add updates to Google in a flash.
  • Post to social media with ease.
  • Find high-value content on your website.


Reduce. Re-use. Recycle.

  • Reduce the frustration of needing another new idea.
  • Re-use the worksheet monthly.
  • Recycle those great ideas countless ways.


Become the Ring Master of your content!

  • The Tiger King of posting.
  • Stop juggling your platforms and audiences.
  • No more 3-ring circuses for you!


Will there be a replay?

Nope, the value in a co-working session is working live.

What do I need to do to prepare?

Nothing. Top up your favorite bevy. Login. Create.

Will I need to share my content ideas with everyone?

Only if you want to. After each set of prompts there will be opportunities to share your ideas to inspire others and to pass your brilliance forward.

Hey #GoogleGirl!

Barb McGrath

Barb’s been cracking the online code for nearly 20 years. Every year, hundreds of local business owners, and employees, rely on her expertise and straight-forward approach to help them attract more customers, sell more products & services, make more service bookings and untangle their Google knots.

Register now for Content-a-Palooza to create 30 days of content in less than an hour.

No one knows your business better than you and you know your success is no longer a simple matter of getting the word out. It’s about reaching and compelling an audience far beyond your own backyard to trust, engage and buy…again and again.

You’ve already got the tools you need to succeed; attend Content-a-Palooza to tame your content.