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Ask Me Anything

Black Friday & Holiday edition

“After an hour with Barb, I made a few simple changes and had 9 new customers in the next week.” ~Scott, family consultant┬á

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The Top 10 Google updates you can make right now to your business to make this year’s holiday season the best one yet!┬á

  • Attract more new customers when they’re ready-to-buy.
  • Sell more products & services during the busy holiday season.
  • Book more service appointments and build recurring revenue.
  • Increase basket size.
  • Discover how Google can help sell sticky products.


How to have a heart-to-heart conversation with Google about the key information they reference on your website and listing everyday.

  • The 4 most important posts to have on your Google listing during the holiday season.
  • A holiday-edition 1:1 conversation with the world’s largest search engine to kick-start your sales & booking season, whether you want pre-holiday sales or after-holiday bookings.


Why Google might be a better choice if you’re tired of spending hours on social media and not seeing results.

  • Turn fans and followers into paying customers.
  • The path to purchase for a local customer starts with Google. Find out how social media influences their buying decisions.
  • Three of the most important local searches that will get the phone ringing and the door swinging.
Hey #GoogleGirl!

Barb McGrath

Barb’s been cracking the online code for nearly 20 years. Every year, hundreds of local business owners, and employees, rely on her expertise and straight-forward approach to help them attract more customers, sell more products & services, make more service bookings and untangle their Google knots.

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No one knows your business better than you and you know your success is no longer a simple matter of getting the word out. It’s about reaching and compelling an audience far beyond your own backyard to trust, engage and buy…again and again.┬á

You’ve already got the tools you need to succeed; attend “Ask Me Anything” to start making sense of it all.

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