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Get Found by more supporters and clients.

Go from Application to Launch with Google’s $10,000/mos Ad Grants.

  • Live, virtual training.
  • Work, as you learn.
  • Simple, step-by-step lessons.
  • 24/7 access. 5-star support.
  • Find more donors and volunteers.

Get Skilled. Get Funded. Get Found.

Sept 19, 20, 21 & 22, 2022

Get Found for Charities

Get Found for Charities will take you from application to launch with Google’s $10,000/mos Ad Grants program.

COVID-19 has impacted communities and organizations alike. We are facing challenges never seen before. At Get Found, we are committed to doing everything we can to support your success now, and in the future.

We talk to charitable organizations every day and a single concern has emerged: these charities are not sure they will have the resources to support those they serve once this crisis has passed. They are weighing how to cut costs and reduce overhead against their capacity to attract donors, clients and supporters. In many cases, this means that employees are having to take on more responsibilities, and may need specific training to take on these new roles.

We are here to help you get found so you can continue to serve those in our communities that need it the most.

50 Scholarships. 50 Charities.

For the past 4 years, we’ve been teaching Get Found courses including Get Found Digital Marketing, Kick A$$ SEO and the First Page Club. We’re making an investment in the future of our communities by offering 50 scholarships to 50 charities and non-profits.

Now more than ever, community organizations need the tools and resources to succeed online. So that potential donors can find the organizations they want to support. And so that, in a time of crisis, those who need a hand up can find support in their community.

Learn More

Here’s how to receive a scholarship:

  1. Visit the Get Found website. (Hint: You’re here.)
  2. Call or chat with us. (That’s the big red button right below.)
  3. The scholarship bridges the gap between funding and registration fees. You must apply for Canada Job Grant funding or another funding source. Start your application after you chat with us.
  4. Register for Get Found for Charities prior to March 2, 2022.
  5. A maximum of one scholarship per organization.
  6. Scholarships will be issued based on first in, first registered.
  7. A maximum of 50 scholarships valued at $350 will be available.

Image courtesy Rally for Homelessness, a #yqr camp that provide shelter, friendship and a voice in the fall of 2021.


Let Us Give You a Hand Up

Are you tired of looking at the Google for Nonprofits application on the side of your desk? The bottom of your Inbox? Is everything else a priority because there are just. So. Many. Pieces?

Get Found for Charities will walk you through the application process step-by-step and provide simple explanations when the confusing questions come from Google (and they will). We stay with you through approval and help you launch your first ads.

  • Reach more donors.
  • Raise more funds.
  • Get found quickly by those who need you the most.

The Google Ad Grants program, valued at $10,000/mos of ad credits, allows you to advertise your charity’s programs, services, events and raffles.

Live Training. Hands-on Learning. Get Found.

Ready to Apply for Funding?

Contact us today for information on applying for the Canada Job Grant. Eligible employers may receive significant funding to complete Get Found courses.

We Can Help

Learn. Earn.

Like nothing you've done before.

what to expect
GFC Learning Google Ads

Google Ad Grants

We’ll be with you every step of the way to help you…

  1. Apply for the Google Ad Grants;
  2. Respond to application questions; and
  3. Launch your first targeted ads.

Get Found for Charities will teach you how to create & manage Google Ad campaigns that engage donors & volunteers, solicit support and save you countless hours of ‘clicking around’ trying to figure it out. Led by a Google expert, you will learn, and action, all of the hands-on tactics needed to help you serve those who need it most.

You will learn:

  • How and why to apply for the Google Ad Grants
  • Getting your application approved
  • The do’s and don’t of using your ad credit
  • The sure-fire strategies to meet Google’s requirements
  • How to keep your account in good standing
  • What to do if you need a break
  • Ways to get support and answers to questions
  • Best Practices for account setup
  • Campaign planning and budgeting
  • Troubleshooting
  • Completion time: 8 hours

How Google Works

Digital marketing is constantly changing and consistently in demand. Your customers are online every single day. Learn the benefits of digital marketing, understand your customers’ journey and stay ahead of your competitors.

Digital marketing enables businesses to interact with customers in real time. Customers expect to be able to participate and interact with businesses online.

Even if your business is already thriving, you will be missing out on a number of leads, customers and revenue if you’re not maximizing your digital marketing efforts. 

Want to keep a closer eye on your competition? It’s easy with the Get Found Tech Vault. Get the tools, tips and techniques, to help you understand why and how your competitors are raking in exposure from Google. No one wants to be a follower – here’s a guaranteed way to help stay ahead of the competition.

You will learn:

  • Content Creation
  • Email and Text Marketing Campaigns
  • Marketing Automation
  • Digital Journeys
  • Data skills and analytics
  • Tools and Strategy
  • Local Business Branding
  • Completion time: 4 hours
First Page Club members lovin it
First Page Club business owner

52 Weeks of Content

Discover our easy-peasy 52-week content creation system that will have you saying, ‘Holy sh**, I’m done!’

A successful content plan tells your business’ story in a way that will attract & retain customers to create raving fans. Once you’ve got a few hundred, a few thousand or even a few hundred thousand raving fans, you need a consistent way to tell your story, keep your fans engaged and convert those loyal followers to paying customers.

Content creation is your key to unlock those would be spenders.

Everyday customers search for your solution on Google, will they get hooked by your content, or by your competitors?

You will learn:

  • Identify your business’ unique superpowers
  • Plan out days and weeks and months of content in a short time
  • Tie your content to business goals and outcomes
  • Share your content on Google, to your raving fans, on your website and so much more
  • Key benchmarks to track your success
  • Completion time: 4 hours

I did the Get Found Digital Marketing Certificate and even though I have worked in digital marketing for several years, I learned new and interesting things to help push our organization forward.

Megan TGet Found

Listings & Google Business Profile

Imagine gathering all the online conversations about your business, personnel and industry. If only, you could be the fly on the wall. You can!

By eavesdropping on conversations managing your online reputation, you’re telling customers and would-be customers that you want to engage in a dialogue with them; that you want to earn their business. 

Learn all of the important pieces to actively and easily manage your online reputation, when to respond to online comments and how to leverage reviews to get your business found.

Positive customer reviews are fantastic but how should you respond to a negative review? Discover the quickest way to respond, how to mitigate any further damage to your brand and tips on turning negative reviews to positive. 

You will learn:

  • Monitoring (eavesdropping) the conversation
  • Easily manage all the online information about your business
  • Responding to review
  • Asking for reviews
  • Cyber security and privacy
  • Completion time: 5 hours
Participant Testimonial
Michael's Testimonial

Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You too can talk Google-speak!

Know the exact words customers use to find your business. Find the most popular searches relevant to your business and industry. And kill it online with the exact terms customers use to find your business. (Psst, we know how to find your competitors keywords too!)

Keywords make all the difference between ho-hum and crushing it online.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is how search engines read your website. Learn how to optimize pages, headings, images, URLs and more to be sure Google smiles on you.

You will learn:

  • Keywords
  • SEO Search Ranking
  • Website Optimization
  • Monitoring Campaigns
  • Website Copy
  • Configuring Google Analytics
  • Analyzing & Recording Data
  • Completion time: 5 hours

This business is amazing! Barb and her team are truly here to help you and see your business be successful! This course is well worth the money.

Judah-Ann BGet Found

Social Media

Social media for mere mortals. Yeah, social media can do a lot of cool things, but is it swinging the door open? Ringing up the til? If not, let’s talk real social media that will lead to sales.

Likes, Follows, Tweets and Friends are not killing it. Learn HOW to understand what matters to your customers. Learn WHY social media matters and use it as a strategic business tool to grow your business.

You’ll uncover the mystery of social media, learn about the popular social media channels and provide practical, time-saving tips to make social media a sales channel for your business. Let’s make social media simple once again! 

Build engagement. Be purposeful. Make it simple.

You will learn:

  • Key Social Platforms
  • Setting up a Social Media Experience
  • Growing & Engaging an Audience
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Content Strategy
  • Scheduling Tools
  • Completion time: 4 hours
First Page Club member

Online Ad Campaigns

To boost or not to boost, that is the question!

Let’s dig into boosting, online ads, local ads, location ads, Google, Bing, Facebook and Instagram. When and how to advertise your business online. The simple do-it-yourself’er tools you can use to promote your products, services and special offers.

You’ll take an in-depth look at Google Ads and have a live-ready ad for your business set to go. You will learn how to set up, create, run and optimize a campaign where you can target very specific search queries that are 100% relevant to your business.

Get the know-how to execute actionable strategies and tactics that produce tangible results for your business; results that can propel your business’ profitability to higher levels.

You will learn:

  • Basics of Online Search
  • Google Ads
  • Search Campaigns 
  • Display & Video Advertising
  • Measurement and Optimization
  • Testing, Optimizing and Split Tests
  • Completion time: 4 hours

getskilled. getfunded. getfound.

Register for Get Found for Charities Mar 9-30, 2022

Get Found for Charities


  • 4 full days of digital marketing training
    • 12 hours live, virtual training
    • 12 hours self-paced, hands-on learning
    • 8 hours business-specific exercises
  • 8 open mic sessions to answer all your questions
  • Attend live or catch the replay
  • BONUS!
    • 14 hours of bonus content to customize your learning

  • All sessions led by a Google expert
  • 24/7 access to all of the course content
  • Community discussion group for Q&As & announcements
  • Lifetime ‘active’ access to monthly Get Found updates

  • Funding available in all Canadian provinces
  • 5-star support from application to certification
  • Certificate of Completion


  • $1995/charity

Canada Job Grant & RSTS eligible.*

Learn About Funding

*Applicants must meet funding criteria and eligibility in their province. Funding amounts vary. Contact us today to learn more about funding in your province. Scholarship available to registered Canadian charities and nonprofits only.

The training you want, the flexibility you need.

  • Get Found 1:1


Talk to Us. We’re Here to Support You.

We are committed to doing everything we can to support your success now and in the future. Whether you have a question or are ready to apply for funding, we’re here to help.