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  • Funding available in each province
  • Eligible Programs include:
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    • Get Found for Charities
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Canada Job Grant Funding

  • As a local business, non-profit or charitable organization, you may be eligible for funding.
  • We can help you through the funding process.
  • On average, 96% of our applicants are approved.

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Canada Job Grant (CJG)

The Canada Job Grant (CJG) is an employer-driven program that provides businesses and organizations with financial support to train new or existing employees for jobs in their organization. Training can help support a new hire to the organization, resulting in a new or better job for an existing employee or reduce skills gaps for an employee.

*Manitoba is not accepting applications at this time. 

Canada Job Grant FAQs

What is the Canada Job Grant and how does it work?

The Canada Job Grant is part of the government's commitment to help ensure employees are being trained in high-demand areas. In this case, that means timely digital marketing skills, website SEO and social media training that are imperative to the success of today’s businesses.

How does the Canada Job Grant benefit you?

By supporting and investing in the training of your employees, the program is designed to help you to increase productivity, employee skills and retention, increase your online exposure and help you attract more customers.

What is the grant amount?

Under the Canada Job Grant, employers are required to cover a minimum of one-third of direct training costs, with up to a maximum of $10,000 per trainee in government contributions, up to $100,000 annually as an organization.

How is participant completion assessed?

Participant success is measured by lesson completion, time-in-course and hands-on submissions.

How do I apply for funding?

Contact us by phone, email or chat to receive a pre-filled copy of the Job Grant application. We will walk you through the process, assist you with the information and provide a completed application ready for submission.


Eligible employers

  1. All private sector and non-profit employers.
  2. First Nations and Métis Settlements.

Eligible trainees

  1. New or existing employees that will fill current or future job vacancies.
  2. Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or protected persons under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada) entitled to work in Canada.


Example of Job Grant reimbursement:

Training Option

Get Found


3 day class
6 modules
All skill levels

CJG Contribution


  • May include wages in CJG application for employers with 50 employees or less.


  • May receive funding for employers with more than 51 employees.

Employer Contribution


  • Employers with 50 employees or less.


  • Employers with 51 employees or more.