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Get Found 24/7 is the easiest way for local businesses to make more sales from the 1st page of Google without sleepless nights and tech overwhelm.

Get Skilled. Get Funded. Get Found.

Funding Available

We make it easy to apply for funding to train an employee or employee-owner. Chat with us today to learn more about the funding available for Saskatchewan-based businesses.

Time is Running Out!

Skip Out

Skip the stuffy classrooms and shooter-glass sized coffee cups.☕

Easy Button

Buh-bye tire kickers. Simple to do. Easy to follow, hands-on doing to get your business found fast.

The Trenches

Learn from an expert who worked in the trenches and has helped over 700 small businesses.

Loose Threads

Moving the needle doesn’t need to take days, weeks or months. Focus what really matters.

No Fluff

Likes & Shares are fun but when you’re ready to get down to the business of selling, you need to get found on Google.

It’s Time

Get in, get ‘er done and get back to managing your business.

Imagine a Roadmap to the 1st Page of Google

Get Found 24/7 is the click-by-click roadmap to the 1st page of Google and the sure-fire ways to get found by more customers without a stream of discounts or dancing videos.

Whether you’re marketing off the side of your desk, or doing it full time, Get Found 24/7 will make the phone ring, the door swing and the till ding.

This expert-led, live, virtual course will give you everything you need to attract more customers to your local business from the 1st page of Google.

The fastest way to get found by more customers.

  • Increase foot traffic, phone calls & bookings.
  • Attract ready-to-buy customers. (See ya’ tire kickers!)
  • Finally make sense of your website marketing, ads and listings.
  • No fluff. Just the straight goods on what you need to do.

Get in. Get done. Get Found.

Barb and her team are AMAZING!!! Their expertise and knowledge have brought my business to a whole other level. Thank you for everything you have done for me and my business!

Michelle Sellars
Get More Customers

Funding assistance is available.

Learn more about the Canada Job Grant

Get Found 24/7 is for you, if you want to …

Attract more local customers and see results on your bottom line.
End the game of whack-a-mole and create lasting content that compounds over time.
Learn the simple steps needed to get your business found in more searches.
Find an easier and more predictable way to generate revenue in your business.
Spend less time on marketing and more time doing what you 💖.
Be the solution your customers are searching for.
Stop wasting your time on platforms and activities that don’t move the needle.
End the frustration and hours of clicking around trying to figure it out.

But will my business really benefit?

These are just a few of the types of businesses who got found.

Accountants & Bookkeepers, Addiction Services, Ag Commodity Traders, Ag Implements, Antiques, Auto Body Repair, Auto Sales & Repair, Baby Gear, Bakeries & Coffee Shops, Barbers, Breweries & Distillery, Brokers, Cabinet Makers, Cannabis & CBD Stores, Car & Truck Wash, Child Care, Chiropractors, Clothing Stores, Coaches, Consultants, Contractors, Community Development, Dentists, Dog Kennels, Dog Trainers & Breeders, Domestic Violence Support, Educational Services, Electricians, Employee Benefit Providers, Entertainers, Environmental Services, Equipment Sales & Service, Executive Recruitment, Festivals, Financial Services, Food Manufacturing, Furnishings, Health & Beauty, Health Food Stores, Home Builders, Home Care, Home Cleaning Services, Home Decor, Home Delivery, Home Hardware, HVAC, Immigration Services, Insurance & Investments, Interior Design, Jewellery Sales, Lawyers, Life Coach, Locks & Security, Massage Therapy, Maternity, Member-based Organizations, Memorabilia, Mental Health, Movers, Optical Services, Plant Stores, Pharmacists, Photographers, Physiotherapy, Pool Halls, Plumbing & Heating, Printers, Psychologists, Renovations, Restaurant & Bars, Safety Services, Salon & Esthetics, Social Media Agencies, Tea Shops, Tech Services, Trainers, Transportation Services, Trucking & Delivery, Vets, Water Purification Systems, Yoga Studios

We welcome everyone

Get Found 24/7 may not be for you, if …

You truly believe social media is the only way to market your business.
You’re just looking for a social media course. There’s plenty out there; just Google it. 😉
You have more customers than you can manage thanks to your TikTok dancing.
You’re knocking it out of the park on Google and can use schema in a sentence correctly. (If so, check our KickA$$ SEO course!)

Ready for a Sneak Peek?

Program Outline


Make Google Work For You

Google is just a big ol’ calculator!

Learn how to make the numbers work for you and what really counts to get found by more customers.

Everyday there are 5 billion searches on Google. Whether your business relies on foot traffic or online orders, once you understand how Google works, more eyeballs will equal more customers.


Attract More Customers

Keywords make all the difference between ho-hum and crushing it online.

Knowledge is power and in this module, you will learn how to find your customers’ exact search terms and see your business as only your customers can. (Psst, we know how to find your competitors’ keywords too!)

Uncover the mysteries of how customers search for and find you, or your competitors.


Create Bulletproof Reviews

Reviews are one of the fastest ways to climb Google’s rankings.

Learn how to create a simple 1-2-3 strategy for your business that will put your review generation on autopilot. Know when and how to ask. Learn the 1st-page formula for responding to every review in minutes and how to promote and generate new reviews.

By eavesdropping on conversations listening to your customers, you’re telling would-be customers that you want to hear from them and want to earn their business.


Show Up in ‘Near Me’ and ‘Best’ Searches

Restuarant near me.
Best coffee shop.
Plumber open weekends.

It’s the language of your customers’ searches and it’s time they find you instead of your competitors.

With a nip here and a tuck there, your business will show up more often, for more customers, and more cha-ching. In this session we take a deep dive into the world of local search and clearly move through the steps you need to take to get found.


Get Your Website Found

You too can talk Google-speak!

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is how search engines read your website.

Everyday your customers are online. Are they finding you or your competitor? Get ready to learn the simple changes you can make to have any website to show up in more searches, attract more customers and match with your customers’ searches.


AI for Google Ad Campaigns

Let’s dig into pay to play and online ads on Google.

One of the most important questions that will be answered is, ‘when should I use online ads‘ and you’ll learn how to setup, create, manage and optimize a live campaign to target very specific search queries that are 100% relevant to your business.

Very informative and they have put together a wonderful digital marketing course called Get Found. Enjoyed it!

Veterinary Mobility Center
Barb McGrath
Create raving fans for your business.


Barb McGrath’s been cracking the online code for nearly 20 years; shortly after her Dad locked her out of the family computer for hacking!🤣

Having earned her stripes in the small business trenches as an employee, she mastered the art of growing businesses, increasing revenue and converting local traffic. She helps small businesses get to the top of Google with training, web design, SEO and advertising. Most importantly, she’s earned the trust of Google.

Barb offers the only online, live virtual program for local businesses to attract more customers, sell more products and services and create more service bookings.

She also runs one of the only Google-approved agencies designed to turn the online “stuff” into in-store buyers. If you depend on in-person or nearby customers, you need Barb’s step-by-step, online marketing savvy to generate a steady stream of local buyers.

Find More Ready-to-Buy Customers

Whether you’re a beginner, seasoned business owner or marketing professional, Get Found 24/7 will teach you new skills to make the phone ring, the door swing and the till ding.

Get Skilled

The only hands-on training led by an approved Google agency. 

Get Funded

You may be eligible for the Canada Job Grant.

Get Found

Learn how to attract more local customers.


Get Found 24/7

  • Google training
    • live, virtual training
    • work hands-on in your business
    • receive immediate feedback as you work
    • finally, understand how Google works
  • Open mic sessions for all your questions
  • Attend live or catch the replay
  • BONUS!
    • Additional content to customize your learning
    • Maximize your time by planning based on your fastest to-market strategies
    • Templates for website SEO, privacy & more
  • All sessions led by a Google expert
  • 24/7 access to the lessons, videos, replays and how-to’s
  • Community of small business owners
  • Evergreen updates to stay ahead of the algorithm
  • Unprecendented support from application to completion
  • Certificate of Completion
CSJG Funded: $271.15
No Funding: $1595

Get Found 24/7
Live Q&A

The phone a friend, talk to a human, live support option you’ve always wished for

  • Access to a human being who’s been in the small business trenches, succeeding with listings, websites and ads
  • A robust, online community of like-minded businesses, to hold you accountable to your plans and actions, that is searchable and broken down by topic. Think Mom during final exam week. Think Dad during tryouts for hockey or basketball.
  • Live Q&A to troubleshoot sticky issues and Google changes
  • Stay focused on what really matters (no rabbit holes here!)
  • Complimentary registration for non-employee business owner
  • Certificate of Completion

If Google’s not your jam (yet!), then the support of live Q&A is for you!

CSJG Funded: $398.65
No Funding: $2345

Get Found 24/7

The direct access, 1:1 support your business & team need to get found faster.

  • Business-specific 1:1 learning with a Google expert
    • 4 hours of 1:1 with business owner/employee(s)
    • BONUS! 4 hours of 1:1 after certification received
  • Solve business & competitor-specific challenges
  •  BONUS Google tools
    • Google Merchant Centre
    • Search Console
    • Website Design (css, html)
    • Automations
  • Focus on business and industry strategies
  • Learn hands-on in a team, or 1:1
  • Complimentary registration for non-employee business owner
  • Certificate of Completion

Hands down, it’s the fastest way to get answers to all your Google questions!

CSJG Funded: $636.65
No Funding: $3745

get in. get done. get found.